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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach Reading

A Book Review
by Mrs. Sower, FHS Librarian

Early Autumn
by Robert Parker
New York: Random House, 1981

Classic. Detective. Novel.
No one is a cool as Boston Private Investigator Spenser. He runs at least 5 miles a day, quotes Shakespeare and Frost, boxes, has a whit sharp as an heiress's stiletto, and he could charm a raccoon out of the garbage. When a pretty blond asks Spenser to help her get her son back from her ex-husband, Spenser collects the 15-year-old kid with no problem. But when he realizes that Paul's parents are only using him as a pawn, Spenser does his own kidnapping.

I admit that I am totally biased - I LOVE detective stories. Reading a good mystery feels like sipping hot coffee on the back porch under chilly gray autumn skies. So, needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Spenser's so clever that I actually stopped to reread a few sentences just so I could take a moment to enjoy his crackerjack whit. This title is on the English Summer Reading List for students entering Grade 10, and it is the perfect beach read.

Bottom Line:
Love detective stories? Don't miss this one. Never tried the genre? This is an excellent start.

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