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Friday, April 15, 2011

Girls Tennis 2011

On April 14, 2011the Framingham Flyer s girls tennis team played Weymouth, and won 5-0.  Coming into this game we were nervous about the meet, but we kept our hopes up and worked together.  Playing doubles, Raissa and Tina won 8-6 and Zeban and her partner Alex also won with the score 6-4.  We were all so proud of these girls who tried their best and never gave up.  We all give our best during practice and the games, we always encourage one another to try hard, and cheer each other because we are a tight team and know that we can accomplish anything.  Girls tennis might lose some games, like all other sports, but we consider ourselves to be one of the best beacuse of our strong team and how we try our best but still have a smile on our faces when we lose.  We are determined, adventurous, and most of all we never quit.  We could have never have done this without our coaches, Ms. Stevens and Mr. Wilbur who encouraged all the girls from the start.

Mayra Faria