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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Separation of Darfur

By Jonathan Silva

Despite all of the countries helping Darfur, there is high death rate and rapes occurring as we speak. It is not fair for the citizens of Sudan to be suffering when they are so close to their independence. The country Darfur is trying to separate itself into two because of all the violence and The North where the government is will not have any supplies to maintain their part of country wealthy because they got nothing.
The Obama Administration tells the world that they are doing everything they can to engage with the citizens of Darfur and find more evidence to put Omar Al Bashir (President of Sudan) to jail.  “The referendum on independence for Southern Sudan has come off with minimal violence, and it seems that Sudan’s president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir will accept the inevitable outcome.”
Obama is urging everyone in the world including wealthy governments such as Russia and china as well as his own administration to support Darfur and stop all the violent hate crimes and genocides to occur anymore.
“A peaceful resolution to the North-South conflict may be possible, but there are many issues that are not yet resolved, and the situation in Darfur remains unstable and threatening to those living there in camps for displaced persons we must urge the White House to stay engaged as well as the world.” Says the Save Darfur organization.
The ICC (International Criminal Court) filed a warrant for Bashir’s arrest but the Sudanese government will not turn him in.
“The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant for Bashir’s arrest for crimes against humanity, since his party’s re-election last summer, Bashir’s government seems to be failing.” Says a writer who is described unknown in Darfur because of their law of Freedom of press.
The Sudanese government denies all the violence and interaction with the Arabian Militia called Janjaweed.
“In addition to a September attack on a Darfuri village that killed dozens of civilians, 21 people died in late January during clashes between Darfuri rebel groups and the Sudanese army.” Says a nurse at a refugee camp in Sudan.
According to people around the high school, most do not really know about Darfur, but there are groups that are putting the information out there. It is just a matter of whether the teens in the high school will pay any attention or not.
Callie Pinnell says, “In my opinion if separation is what is best for the citizens of Darfur to be safe than yes Darfur should be separated.”
Surprisingly, people in the administration do not have a clue about Darfur and what is going on, but I was lucky to find certain teachers in the History/English dept. that were alert.
Mr. Martell says, “ I am impressed on the fact that the country is able to create democratic action and get their voices heard. I still believe that there will be problems occurring, if not more, because the Sudanese government is not really letting down. America should contribute more since we are the highest and wealthiest power of the world!
Another teacher who wished to remain anonymous says: “ If they are proud of who they are and what they represent they should not be fighting because they are of different religion. Why not share the wealth with each other, but I do understand that religious leaders do not approve of having to share what they believe in with others that cannot follow with them!
Darfur is a topic that many humans are alert about and people of the world need to be more cautious and participate in helping rather than being a bystander and does not do anything about it and just moves on with their lives. What if this was your own life just thinking on your own, lonely suffering with hunger and thirst and seeing your own family die in front of you and you not able to do anything!

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