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Friday, March 25, 2011

English Premier League - Torres is Transferred

By : Marcelo Fernandes
Fernando Torres's transfer fee of $79.5 million from soccer team Liverpool FC to rival Chelsea FC broke the British transfer record. Torres was ranked the world’s 3rd highest transfer record staying behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s  $131 million and Kaka’s $92 million, both bought from the same Spanish team Real Madrid. Torres scored 81 goals in 142 games during 3 1/5 years at Liverpool, but grew frustrated as the 18-time English Premier League champions struggled to keep pace with England’s leading clubs. Liverpool hasn’t won the EPL since 1990.

[Text Box]"Having played against Chelsea many times since coming to England, and in some very big games I will never forget, I know there are many great players here and I will work hard to win a place in the team. I hope I can score some important goals for the supporters to enjoy this season,” said Torres.[Soft Break]
His fans and former fans were not happy
with the transfer of their best player to their archrival team. Fans showed hate towards Torres by burning a bunch of his number 9 replica Liverpool jerseys. Also, fans were sending him death threats, insults, and rude comments on his Facebook page. Some of the insults stated: “You’ll never walk alive!!” and “Get Lost!!!!” Another member of the Red’s family wrote “STUPID TORRES.”

Chelsea FC, who is currently not doing so well in the standings, needed a goal scorer. On the team right now they already own 2 of the best forwards in the league. Lately the strikers Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka have been slacking up front and not scoring goals. Since December 2010 Chelsea’s opportunities have been thrown away by losing to teams that are being relegated or dropped down to the second division because of the lack of skill.

Chelsea, being one of the best clubs in the world, fans expect a lot more then they have been showing. Out of the 33 points Chelsea could of earned in the past 11 games, they only gained 16. That’s less then half of what they could of earned!

Now 10 points away from the leading team Manchester United, Chelsea counts with Torres to bring the team’s motivation back up and win the rest of their games. Torres says, “ Chelsea is a great club and I am very happy to be here. I am only thinking of Chelsea now, and what we can accomplish.”

Liverpool already knowing Torres was interested in the move to Chelsea, started scouting for players that they could substitute him with up front. The money they were going to get for Torres gave them a lot of options of whom they could replace him with. They have been interested in 2 players for a while now, but could never afford both at the same time.

[Text Box]Their first choice was Uruguayan soccer player Luis Suarez who played for the Dutch team Ajax. Suarez was well known in the city of Amsterdam after being named Dutch Footballer of the Year 2010 with the record of 33 goals in 35 games. Liverpool was very excited about bringing in the 24-year-old newcomer.

Their second choice was something very strange for the fans of Liverpool. They bought Andy Carroll who wasn’t even able to play the first game while he was at the club due to an injury. Although Carroll came injured to Liverpool, fans and staff for the team were very excited to see him on the field. He was transferred from Newcastle United with a fee of 35 million pounds. In 2010 Andy Carroll finished the season as the teams top scorer with 19 goals in all competitions and 17 in the league.

Liverpool thought a lot about the sale of one of their best players to archrival Chelsea. They had a plan in mind when they did it though. Why not sell 1 excellent player that plays striker by himself, and not buy 2 good players who can work with each other up front and most likely score some more goals.

After that plan was thought out Liverpool was ready to make the move on letting Torres go. Former teammate, Mascherano, called Torres on the day after the transfer to let him know that he shouldn’t feel bad about what happened because they basically pushed him out of the club. Mascherano explains to Torres that when he left the club, Liverpool basically just kicked him off the team.

[Text Box]“When I left Liverpool, it looked as if I killed someone. It’s sad that the people who
did something important for the club have to
leave by the back door.” –Mascherano

“It’s sad that the press and the club try to convince people that it is all the player's fault when the reality is that Liverpool didn't show the interest in keeping us in the club.” – Mascherano